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You can download [17 MB] the official Fan site kit. It contains logos, GUI components, screenshots, artworks and texts.
If you have created your UFO: Afterlight fan sites, let us know at about it. We will list them here.

Gameplay story

You can read a one of players' gameplay story here. Enjoy and compare to your experience.


Due to modify the game firstly remember the official modding subforum where you can discuss your intensions, ask the questions, share your modding progress etc.
For inspiration, you can find a fine list of mods at StrategyCore. There are many excellent picks, but we encourage everyone to take a special look at Total Rebalance Modification, Advanced Missions Mod and Recolour Mod Mars.
Anyone can modify UFO: Afterlight, and long time UFO: After modder ShadoWarrior has a nice guide up at the official ALTAR forums. Take 20 minutes reading through it, and you're good to go. As a basic you can change the strength of weapons, armors and items to your liking. Combine that with new models, sound, music and weapons and you'll have a full fledged total conversion.
Know that game data are packed in VFS format. To modify them you also need VFS (un)packing tool; try to look for some free one through Internet.
You can download some useful files here then:
  • BIN-to-TXT tool [2 MB] to convert a file format from binary to text and backwards. Useful for modding 3D models in the game.
  • Documentation [480 kB, v.02] discribing and explaining the structure of game configuration files, their values and variables. Useful for modding game characteristics of weapons, units, technologies, add new entries etc.
  • Meaaov UFO Edit [1,8 MB] - to edit everything on UFO models (excluding their geometry) (by Stucuk, chief of OW support).


Also visit the modding contest's section, where you can read about the finished contest and download the winnig mods.


Patch is out!

Patch 1.7 was released and is downloadable in the Support section.

Gameplay story

How is playing UFO: Afterlight? What is good or bad? You can read one of players' gameplay story. Enjoy and compare to your experience!

The contest has its winners!

Modding contest is over. See details and a list of winners in the Contest section.

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