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This zip file includes a changelog TXT file reviewing changes and the installation EXE file for upgrading the Ufo to version 1.7. The patch 1.7 includes all the previous patches, so it's possible to patch any of versions.
  • 1.7 installation package for all DVD, Sprocket and Steam versions. This patch works with all DVD versions as well as Sprocket and Steam online downloaded ones.



What are hardware requirements?
See Features section

"Wrong disc inserted" forbids playing...

Some of first US copies were wrongly burned. Contact the US distributor at (or see their contact page) to handle the replacement of your copy.

The game doesn't run...

Try running the game in windowed mode (use the Play windowed link in CENEGA/UFO Afterlight subfolder of the Start menu). Then go into the Options window and make sure the game runs within resolution and refresh rate available on your monitor (Graphics: Video mode and Refresh rate).
Always check you have updated your graphic drivers.

The game doesn't run on Windows Vista even with the patch...

On your desktop or in your Afterlight directory, rightclick the game icon and select Properties. There open the Compatibility bookmark, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)".

The game run too slowly or badly...

Try lowering the Texture resolution, Shaders quality and Dynamic lighting.

The game permanently crashes down...

Lower the screen resolution; the game's native resolution is 1280x960.
Also disable HDR options (Graphics: Image postprocessing).

The game crashes down while I have a dual core processor...

Set the processor affinity on a multi-processor system or on an hyper-threaded single processor system in your system. You can also utilize some free tool, e.g. RunFirst.
See more at Microsoft's official support page.

Assert fatal "uncompressed error in VFS files" window pops up...

Back up your saves (usualy in \Program Files\CENEGA\UFO Afterlight\Profiles\[profile name]\Saves subdirectory). Then reinstall the game. Change all VFS files in \UFO Afterlight subdirectory to read-only (gamedata.vfs, mod_gamedata_local.vfs, mod_gamedata_scenes_1.vfs and mod_gamedata_scenes_2.vfs) and restore your saves.

Assert fatal "The procedure entry point ... KERNEL32.dll" pops up...

You have patched the game to version 1.5 under Windows 2000 and you need to update your system. See this link.

Mission loading times are increasing and the game crashes down finally...

New drivers does not support game for now, please revert to 10.1 version of drivers.

My game crashes at startup and I use Ati gpu.

After a time, when loading isn't tenable eventually, quit and restart the game.

My game bought from is in some foreign language...

Apply 1.7 patch for UFO: Afterlight, during installation you will have option to change your language.


The game's graphic performance is erroneus...

Always check your video drivers. UFO: Afterlight is tested to run with the following driver versions:
  • Catalyst 6.9 for ATI cards
  • ForceWare 91.47 for Nvidia cards
(The game should of course work on newer versions of the drivers as well.)
Also you can try disable HDR options (Graphics: Image postprocessing).

Only part of the game screen is seen, so clicking OK button in game options isn't possible.

Your graphics card can handle higher resolutions but your monitor doesn't.
Run the game in a windowed mode ("Play windowed" in Start menu) and lower the resolution in game options. Then end and restart by the default shortcut.

The globe is completely white...

Disable Scenery background in Graphics options.

The game is displayed upside down...

You need to edit a text config file. In your game profile subfolder, usualy in C:\Program Files\CENEGA\UFO Afterlight\Profiles\ find Options.cfg and edit the line GKEY 12 "resolution_y" INT 960; the last number change into 799, and save.
Sometimes just setting GKEY 12 "refresh_rate" INT 60 to 100 and letting the GKEY 12 "resolution_y INT 768 be would help.

Some textures in the tactical part are missing...

It causes incompatible shader instructions in drivers for the newer graphic cards. With NVidia cards try 177.79 Beta drivers. In other cases you have to minimize Shaders quality in Graphics options.


Some of sound effects are played with inappropriate volume...

Check you haven't set your sound card for 3D sound (e.g. 5.1) while using only stereo sound (two speakers).

I cannot hear sound effects of shooting, fire, etc., even though music and interface sounds work normally...

Try enabling software sound. Check the option SW sound (Sound & Miscellaneous: SW sound).


Before contacting our support, please read carefully F.A.Q. and consult other fans in the official forums. Please, consider that we are not able to answer all your questions directly.
If you have a reproducible bug, i.e. a saved game that will always malfunction after loading when some action is performed, you are welcomed to e-mail it to us. Please use the address: and include words "Afterlight bug" in the subject of your e-mail.


Patch is out!

Patch 1.7 was released and is downloadable in the Support section.

Gameplay story

How is playing UFO: Afterlight? What is good or bad? You can read one of players' gameplay story. Enjoy and compare to your experience!

The contest has its winners!

Modding contest is over. See details and a list of winners in the Contest section.

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